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17 October 2010 @ 07:45 pm
FIC: Twin Verse  
Title: Twin Verse
Author: CloudyJenn
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Jensen/Misha (main pairings, but there are mentions of others within)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me. I am making no profit from this fanfiction.
Warnings: Some language
Summary: Dean and Jensen are twins. So are Castiel and Misha. They meet. Things happen.
Author's Notes: This verse is a bit more 'slice of life' than the others, so there's less worry about stories not being finished. Thanks to logicallunacy for helping me harvest these off my Twitter!

“I just never imagined you'd be this pathetic about dating," Chuck says.

"You've never seen me dating," Castiel argues, his eyes staying on the man across the quad.

"Okay, this pathetic about stalking."

"I don't stalk him."

"Maybe you should," Chuck says. "Then he might know your name."

Castiel glances back long enough to glare at him. It's not Castiel's fault that his usual blunt honestly fails him anytime he comes within five feet of Jensen Winchester.

Castiel sighs. Chuck is right. He is pathetic.


"Don't say I don't love you," Chuck says as he bursts into their dorm room.

Castiel peers up from his calculus homework. "Why would I say that?"

"Shut up and listen. I accidentally on purpose kinda spied on Jensen today."

Castiel's heart jumps into his throat. "Why?"

"You mean what? As in what did I hear. He was on the phone with some guy named Dean and he said he was taking Art History at 10 AM next semester. And there's only one section of it at that time."

Castiel stares at him. "A guy named Dean?"

Chuck heaves a sigh. "Not the point, dude. Sign up for the class, meet the guy, stop annoying me with your pining."

Castiel has to admit; it's a good plan.


"Oh man," Castiel hears. "Hey, d'you have a pen I could borrow?"

And it's the first words Jensen has ever spoken to him. Castiel stares at him and concentrates on trying to breathe.

"Um, okay, guess not," Jensen finally says, but before he can turn away, Castiel blurts out, "I have many pens."

The corner of Jensen's mouth quivers. "Well, I like variety." Castiel hands him a blue pen and when Jensen grins at him, he thinks he might pass out. This class is not going to be easy.


Unfortunately, that interaction is their only for many weeks. Jensen is quiet and serious in class and Castiel has never been one for starting conversations.

"You just need to bite the bullet and ask him out," Chuck advises. "S'what I did with Becky."

"Becky demanded you become her boyfriend," Castiel counters.

Chuck smiles. "And see how well it worked?"

Perhaps he has a point, Castiel thinks. Slow and easy hasn't worked at all. Maybe it's time for Castiel to embrace courage and declare his intentions.


Castiel sees Jensen that same afternoon, paused at a bulletin board. Before he can lose his nerve, he marches right up to him and says, "I like you. I've liked you for months now and I think you should go out with me."

The corner of Jensen's mouth tugs up and he cocks an eyebrow. The humor in his eyes surprises Castiel. He likes it very much.

"Sure thing," Jensen says. "But first you better tell me who the hell you are." Castiel's chest tightens. Oh god, Jensen still doesn't know who he is?

Jensen sticks out his hand. "Dean Winchester."
Castiel stares. "What?" he repeats and the person, Jensen/Dean, just laughs. Castiel decides this must be Chuck's fault.


The guy is cute as hell. Maybe a little slow, but Dean's never really cared about that. "What? You never heard of identical twins?"

Cute Guy's crazy blue eyes darken with irritation. "Of course I have! I thought you were Jensen or I would have never said that."

Dean really doesn't like the pulse of jealousy those words bring him.


"You know any nerdy hot guys named Castiel?"

Jensen is wary of the tension in Dean's stance. "Um, well, I know a guy named Castiel, yeah."

"Well, he thought I was you, asked you out, etc."

"Oh." Jensen is genuinely surprised. "He's so quiet," Jensen says. "I'm not...I don't think..."

Dean snorts angrily. "Why don't you just ask him out instead?"

Jensen suggests. "He likes you."

"He likes my face. Which you have." Dean shifts, crossing his arms over his chest. "It's weird."

"You're pretty weird."

Dean's mouth twitches. "True."

"Look Castiel seems really nice, but he's too shy. We'd barely talk. So...yeah. Go for it."

Dean contemplates him for a long moment. "Well, then maybe I will."

Jensen grins. He knows Dean. There's no 'maybe' about it.



Castiel smiles. "Jensen." The smile fades. "Oh, Dean."

"You don't have to sound so disappointed."

"I'm not, I just..."

"Think you're in love with Jensen, I get it."

Castiel flushes. "I never said I was in love."

Dean's expression lightens. "Great! Then you won't mind dating me instead."

"But Jensen-"

Dean steps closer to Castiel, almost close enough to touch. "I'm not Jensen. But I want to date you."

Castiel knows there must be something wrong with this scenario, trading one brother for the other, but Dean is warm and close and that humor is sparkling in his eyes. Castiel nods. "Alright then."


Dean practically pours himself into the house. Jensen and Sam exchange amused glances. "Well?"

"Kissed goodnight," Dean grunts, flopping in his chair with a pleased sigh.

"What? No putting out on the first date," Sam teases, but Dean glares.

"Cas isn't like that."

"Ah," Jensen says. "A nickname and angry defense already. He must be a keeper."

"Shut up," Dean says, but it’s his smile that’s more convincing.


By the time Dean and Cas have been dating for three weeks, Jensen knows he was right. Cas is a keeper.
So when he spots Cas batting his eyes at some guy in a restaurant the next week, Jensen sees red. He marches right up to their table. "What are you doing? Who is this?"

Cas considers him with a kind of thoughtfulness Jensen's never seen in his eyes before. "This is Richard." He turns to him. "Richard, this is the total stranger yelling at me on our date."

"Hello, yelling stranger," Richard says pleasantly.

Jensen has a feeling he's going to want to run soon.


"Oh my god, so sorry, knew he had a brother. Didn't say a twin," the guy babbles. "Wow, okay. Sorry, I'll just. Okay, um, enjoy your date."

Misha watches him go and wonders if it's possible to fall in love with someone he hasn't heard form three whole sentences yet.

"Call dibs, man or I'm going after him," Richard says. Misha's only slightly surprised. Their date had settled into friendship territory almost immediately.

"I owe you a man," Misha says as he throws down his napkin and chases after the crazy guy.


"You're the brother," Jensen hears behind him. He turns, shocked to see Cas' brother following him. "Castiel told me he was dating a twin. I don't blame you for defending your brother. I'd have done the same."

At second glance, Jensen can't see how he mistook this man for Cas. There's something in his expression, in his eyes that Jensen's never seen in Cas'.
That he's never seen in anyone's.

"You left your date," he says stupidly.

"Well, it wasn't going to work," the other man says, tone casual. "You see, I'd already met the man I'm going to marry." Jensen frowns.

"I don't understand." But then the guy's eyebrows lift and he gets it. "You're crazy!"

"Yes. You should know that before we have the children."

Jensen wonders what the hell he's gotten himself into.


Dean and Cas are sitting together on the couch and it's like looking into a weird funhouse mirror. The faces are the same, but everything else is different.

Jensen scowls. "You coulda warned me that you brother was an identical twin. Oh and that he's insane!"

Cas looks pleased. "You met Misha?"

"Met, talked to, turned down a marriage proposal," Jensen says sourly.

Dean laughs for ten minutes.


"I've never heard him speak like that before," Cas says thoughtfully after Jensen describes their interaction. "He must be serious about it."

Jensen knocks his head against the wall. "Great."


Misha slings his arm around Cas' neck and plants a big wet kiss on his temple. "So when you said ‘attractive’, you really meant ‘disturbingly pretty’?"

Cas nods. "Indeed."


"He's weird," Jensen says.

Dean shrugs. "Yeah, but he's hot."

"He just claimed me, Dean!" Jensen yelps. "He practically peed in a circle around me."

Dean grins. "I'll tell you one thing," he says. "These Collins' boys sure are demanding." He sounds a lot more pleased about it than Jensen feels.


Misha puts his fists one atop the other and sets his chin on the top fist, grinning at Cas while he tries to finish his homework. "Is he any good in bed?"

Cas glowers at him. "I don't know yet."

"I can't believe we're even related, much less twins," Misha sighs.

Cas stops writing long enough to smack Misha on the forehead with his pen."You only care because you wish to ponder about Jensen."

Misha rubs his head."Yeah, true."


Jensen jerks to a halt outside his classroom. That's not Cas. That's Misha smiling at him. "How did you know I was here? Are you using your brother to spy on me?"

Misha shakes his head, still grinning like a loon. Jensen hates the way it makes his stomach flip pleasantly. "Nope. Your brother."

Now he's going to have to kill Dean.


"The way I see it, you owe me a date," Misha says as he begins following Jensen to his next class.

"Excuse me?" Jensen tries not to raise his voice, but it's hard.

"Well, you totally ruined my date with Richard. He wouldn't have anything to do with me. Emotional trauma, Jensen," he says in a very serious voice.

"You can't be serious."

Misha shakes his head sadly. "I'll never be the same." He peeks up at Jensen from under long lashes. "Unless you have dinner with me."

To his shock, Jensen feels the corner of his mouth quiver, threatening to turn up. "Leave me alone," he says as he stalks off, but his tone is not very convincing.


Jensen bounds out of his house, prepared for another run-in with Misha. The man meets Jensen outside his house every morning and outside every class and spends a great deal of time haunting the library where Jensen works.

Jensen had spent the previous night thinking up a really good insult and he's excited to use it. Except Misha's not there. Nor is he lurking outside Jensen's classes. In fact, Jensen doesn't see Misha the entire day and by the end of it, his mood is so foul that he doesn't want to see anyone at all.


Dean slaps Jensen on the back of his head. "Quit glaring at Cas, you asshole. You're mad at Misha, not him."

Jensen jerks his tray off the table and stands. "I'm not mad," he growls as he stomps off.


When Jensen busts a beaker in Chem because of his distraction, he decides it's Misha's fault. He leaves class before it's over and drives over the speed limit to Misha's little house on the north side of town.

Storming up to the porch, head swimming with accusations and insults, Jensen pounds on the door. It takes several moments for Misha to answer and by the time he does, Jensen's worked up a towering rage.
Until he sees Misha's miserable expression and red eyes.

"What's wrong?" Jensen immediately asks. Misha doesn't answer. Instead he pukes on Jensen's shoes.

"Oh," Jensen says faintly.


"Oh god," Misha moans, hand at his mouth."I puked on you. I'm dying, you hate me and I puked on you."

Jensen's never seen Misha this unsettled. His hair is tangled in dirty knots and he's wearing ratty sweats. His skin is sickly pale, but his eyes are fever bright. Jensen ignores Misha's ranting and palms his forehead. It's scorching hot.

"Have you been vomiting for long?"

Misha leans into his hand. "All night. Can't move or I'll puke. Your shoes," he moans.

Jensen slips past him and grabs a coat, wrapping it around Misha's shaking shoulders. "We're going to the doctor. Now."


Jensen takes him straight to the hospital. Misha spends the entire trip mumbling nonsense into Jensen's shoulder and with each incomprehensible sentence, his concerns increases. The nurses whisk Misha away the instant they hit the ER, leaving Jensen to pace the waiting room. By the time Dean, Cas and Sam get there, Jensen is nearly climbing the walls.

"He'll be okay," Sam says. But Cas is also frowning with worry and as Jensen watches Dean rub comforting circles across Cas' back, he realizes how epically stupid he's really been.


When the doctor emerges, he pauses in surprise at finding more people, some of whom look like his patient.

He peers at Jensen and Dean. "Which of you brought Mr. Collins in?"

Jensen hops up. "Me," he says, nerves making his voice squeaky. "Is he okay?"

"He will be," the doctor says. "It appears your partner developed a rather nasty case of food poisoning."

"My what? Food? What'd he...but he'll be okay?" Jensen doesn't wait for an answer, just sinks down into the chair under him and groans lightly.

Dean pats his shoulder. "Sorry, doc, he's had a hard day."


"Why'd you call Misha his partner?" Cas asks in confusion.

The doctor frowns. "Well, he seemed very distressed about having thrown up on 'the love of his life.' I just...I'm sorry, I must have assumed."

But they can barely hear his apology over Dean's laughter.


"He fell asleep, but he should wake up soon. Would you like to come and see him?"

The question is directed to Castiel, the family member, but Cas glances at Jensen. "I would, but I believe he would like to see Jensen first."

Which makes Jensen feel awkward, like he’s stolen Cas' brother from him. "Are you sure?"

Cas nods. "He would say I already have a Winchester and it would be greedy not to share." Jensen snorts. That did sound like Misha.


Misha is sleeping when Jensen slips past the curtain separating his bed from the rest of the ER. He tiptoes to a nearby chair and carefully settles on it, his eyes glued to Misha's face. As he watches, Misha's expression grows troubled and he begins shifting on the bed. Jensen's just about to call for the doctor when Misha's lips part and he lets out a pained whimper.

"Jen," he murmurs. Jensen snaps to his side, snagging Misha's hand and holding it close.

"I'm here, Misha," he whispers, other hand threading into Misha's hair. He stays that way until long after Misha's already settled.


The moment Misha wakes up, Jensen is talking. "I'm so sorry I thought you were weird. Not that you're not weird, but that I didn't give you a chance because when you didn't show up yesterday, I got so angry and when I realized how sick you were, I was so scared and I think I might be in love with you."

Misha blinks at him. "I feel ill," he says.

Jensen's stomach tightens. "Um, okay, I didn't..." He pauses. "Do you mean you wanna puke again?" Misha nods miserably and Jensen retrieves a small pan, grimacing as Misha makes good use of it.

In between gasping breaths, Misha says, "I l-love you t-too." It's literally the most sickening love confession of all time, but Jensen grins happily for hours after anyway.


"I'm kissin' ya when I'm better," Misha promises weakly as Jensen lays him back down. "And other stuff," he adds, words slurred and tired.

Jensen nods very seriously. "I look forward to it."


Having checked every lock twice, Dean finally climbs into bed. Cas waits until Dean arranges them the way he wants them, Dean pressed close against Cas' back, before speaking. "Jensen won't hurt him, will he?" he asks quietly.

Dean slides his hand under Cas' shirt to rest on his stomach. "Not a chance."


A warm moist sensation wakes Cas the next morning. For a moment, he can't separate reality and the dream he'd been having, but then Dean shifts and Cas realizes the other man is laying between his legs and kissing his bare stomach.

"Hello," Cas says, voice raspy and pleased.

Dean lays his chin on one fist and peers up at him, eyes soft with affection. "Hey."

Cas tangles his fingers into Dean's hair. His movements are slow and easy, a mirror of the perfect content he feels.

"Move in with me," Dean says, his breath warm on Cas' skin.

There's no pause to consider. "Yes."


Cas slips out of his new bedroom, Dean's t-shirt hanging on his slender frame, and trots down the hall towards the bathroom. But he doesn't make it before slamming hard into someone.

"Fuck," he hears. Cas peers through the darkness, recognition unfurling humor in his chest. His brother is wearing even less than Cas, clad only in boxers, clearly on his way from the bathroom back to Jensen's bedroom.


The use of their childhood nicknames in this somewhat racy scenario makes them both laugh. They high-five and go their separate ways.


"Get up," Dean says.

"No," Jensen grunts.

"I was sitting there!"

"Now you're not."

Misha and Cas watch from the couch.

"It's my chair."

"Our chair," Jensen corrects.

"My house, I'm the oldest, now get up."

"By like three minutes!"

"You're older?" Cas asks, partly to break up the argument. At Dean's nod, Misha wraps his arm around Cas' neck.

"In that case, I must ask you what your intentions are to my baby brother." Dean rolls his eyes and whirls back on Jensen.

"You asked for it," he says right before sitting in Jensen's lap.

The Collins' go back to watching in silent fascination as Jensen and Dean wrestle into the floor.


Sam, Jensen and Misha are sitting down to lunch when Jensen notices Sam frown.

"What's wrong?"

"Some guy is staring at me," he says.

Misha glances over his shoulder. "Oh! That's Richard." He pauses. "I owe him a man." Turning back, he considers Sam. "Like what you see?"

Sam's expression is rather alarmed.


"I'm not gay!" Sam splutters. Jensen pats his arm.

"It's okay. You don't have to date men."
Misha pouts.


Sam's eyes widen and once again, Misha turns in his chair. Richard is standing and kissing a tall leggy blond woman on the mouth.

"Huh. Didn't see that coming," Misha says thoughtfully.


Jensen watches the way Cas falls asleep against Misha's shoulder as Misha reads a magazine.

"You guys are so touchy feely," he comments. He and Dean smack at each other, but they rarely touch for long. Worry clogs up his throat and he turns to Dean, but is cut off before he can talk.

"Don't even think about it," Dean says. Jensen sighs.


Misha makes an exaggerated sad face.

"Aw, c'mere, baby," he croons, waving Jensen over. Dean actually leaves the room as Jensen snuggles into Misha's other side.

"He can’t take anything," Misha comments in his normal voice. Jensen is too comfortable to answer. Cas just keeps sleeping quietly.


Dean finds Cas abandoned on the couch, leaning into the back and snoring loudly. He sighs.

"Assholes," he mutters as he slots into where Misha had been sitting. Cas immediately curls into Dean’s side and sighs happily in his sleep.


"Dude, Mario Kart," Jensen says, holding up a game cartridge.

Misha frowns. "Okay, but I'm not that good-"

"Did you say Mario Kart?" Cas interrupts, his eyes glowing with sudden terrifying fervor. Misha slowly backs away as Cas drags Jensen into the living room.

After five hours of listening to increasingly loud shouting and fighting, Dean and Misha finally physically pry their respective boyfriends away from the TV and each other.

"You're going down, Collins," Jensen yells back at Cas, who glares at him.

"I will kill you both," Dean snaps. "Now shut up and go to bed."


Cas sits up in bed, arms crossed over his chest. "Jensen is a sore loser."

"Uh huh." Dean peels off his shirt.

"He knows a great deal of uncomplimentary names."

"True." He slides under the covers as Cas continues babbling about Jensen.

"Sure," Dean murmurs, kissing along Cas' jaw.


"You wanna keep talking about Jensen or you wanna join the party?"

Cas narrows his eyes at him, then sighs. He tilts his head, offering his jaw for more kisses. "Very well."


Dean bounds into the kitchen to grab a beer. "Hey, Cas," he says, grinning and reaching out to pull Cas into an enthusiastic kiss. After he pulls away, he sees Cas trying not to laugh. "Cas?"

"It's Halloween."

Dean frowns. "So?"

"So..." He lifts his hands. "This is my costume." His smirk finally shocks recognition into Dean's mind.

"God, Misha! Fuck!"


Dean slinks into the living room and sits on the edge of his chair, knee shaking hard. Actual Cas peers at him. "Are you alright?"

Dean's head snaps up. "Huh? Oh yeah, no, I'm fine."

"He's freaking out because he accidentally kissed me," Misha says from the kitchen door, smoothing down his trench coat.

"Dude, I thought it was you, I swear," Dean says hurriedly.

Cas is surprised by the quiet glow of jealousy he feels. "It's alright," he says.

The front door opens and Jensen struggles through, arms full of groceries. "Hey, a little help?" Before anyone else can react, Cas hops up from the couch, marches over to Jensen and snags him by the collar. The bags tumble out of Jensen's hands as Cas pulls into him into a lengthy kiss.

"There," Cas says a moment later, slightly breathless. "Now we're even."


When Cas realizes he can practically feel Dean pouting beside him, he sets aside his book and forcibly pushes Dean onto his back.


"Hush," Cas orders. He climbs into Dean's lap. "Your jealousy is endearing," he says. "And unnecessary." Leaning down, he kisses Dean slow and sweet."So stop."

Dean's eyes are unfocused, his limbs relaxed, the way he always is when Cas is commanding."Yeah, okay."


Jensen twists onto his side. Then to his stomach. Throws an arm over Misha's belly. Shoves away again. Onto his back, one leg thrown over Misha's hip. Shuddering and mumbling. Giggles and rolls over. Pushing Misha to the edge of the bed. Misha finally gets up and trudges down the hall, knocking on Sam's door.


Misha pushes past him. "I'm sleeping with you tonight."

Sam just shrugs and joins him.


"This is Dean and Cas and Jensen and Misha," Sam says.

Sarah shakes their hands, only slightly bemused. She gives Sam a sidelong glance. "Is there any more of you?"

"Nope, I'm one of a kind."

Her expression turns thoughtful. "Pity. Could have been fun," she says on her way into the kitchen.

Dean points after her. "Marry that girl, Sam."


"We need to get a cat," Jensen says decidedly one afternoon. Dean makes a face. Misha shrugs. Sam makes a noncommittal noise.

Cas, on the other hand, glares at him. "I prefer dogs." Everyone, but Cas and Jensen leave the room as the fight begins.

A week later, they welcome home a new puppy and kitten.




"But she is lonely."

"Don't care."

"Dean." That tone is familiar. It means sex might be hard to come by in the future.

"Fine." Seconds later, a giant mastiff puppy named Angel is snuggled into Dean's back.

"Thank you."



The grey-striped kitten sits in Jensen's lap, glaring out at everyone that approaches.

Cas wanders by and catches the dark look on Misha's face. "What's wrong?"

"Damn cat," he grumbles. "Stole my boyfriend." Cas pats his shoulder comfortingly.


"Where you goin'?"

Cas kisses Dean and smiles at him. "Misha and I are going to dinner. You are not invited. I suggest you spend this time with Jensen."

Dean watches them leave, lips parted. "Well, damn." A pause. "Hey, Jen," he shouts. "Get your face on. We're going to play pool."

His answer is feet thundering down the stairs.


Misha mouths along Jensen's jaw.

"Misha," Jensen pants, hooking one leg around his waist. Misha looks up, eyes dark with desire and then suddenly spasms. Spasms and squeaks.


"Damn cat," he shouts, glaring over his shoulder at the kitten currently attacking his bare feet.

Jensen loses it and it takes a good half hour to get back on track.


Sam wakes up long enough to see Misha throw the cat into his room.

"Huh?" But he's gone. Sam shrugs. Moments later, Top Hat begins his attack.


"Hey, are you okay?"

Cas nods, but Misha doesn't like his downcast eyes and deep frown. "You're lying."

"I will be fine," Cas promises. "I had a fight with Dean."

A hot unpleasant feeling uncurls in Misha's chest.

"What'd he do?"

"It's private."

"Cassy, I swear to god-"

"Misha," Cas says, tone hard. "I will be fine." They glare at each other.

"I'll mutilate him if-"

"Yes, thank you."

"Alright. Just so we're clear."


"What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything!"

Jensen and Sam exchange a look."No, really. What did you do?"

Dean sighs."I hate you both."


Dean is waiting in their bedroom when Cas gets back from class.

"Cas," he says, voice choked with nerves. For an instant, he's afraid everything is different between them. But then Cas sits beside him and takes his hand.

"I do," Dean blurts out. "I really do."

Cas rests his temple on Dean's shoulder. "Tell me later," he says and they sit quietly together for a very long time.


Their voices are low, but Dean hears them anyway.

Misha's quiet growl.

"I love you."

And Jensen's answer, awed, breathy.

"Love you too."

Dean's chest tightens with envy and more than anything, he wishes he could make Cas sound like Jensen. But all he does is roll a couple inches further from where Cas sleeps and tries not to think.


"What's wrong with your main squeeze?"

Cas considers Misha. It's true that the issue is private, but with each passing day, Dean is becoming more tightly wound. Living with him is next to impossible and Misha deserves to know why.

"He's working up the courage to tell me he loves me."

Misha lifts an eyebrow. "Is he going to be much longer?"

"Several more days, I'd wager."



Two nights later, it's Dean and Cas' turn to do the dishes.

Dean hands Cas a soaked cup to dry and as their fingers touch over the wet glass, Cas hears quiet words. "Love you."

They strike harder than Cas imagined, but he keeps his voice steady and eyes averted as he dries the cup. "I love you, too."


The first thing he hears is high-pitched giggles. Then singing. Danny Boy with inappropriate lyrics. He pokes his head into the living room. Dean’s sprawled across the couch, beer clutched in his hand. Misha is on the floor, equally blitzed, his head resting on Dean's foot.

"Your brother rocks at beer!" Dean announces happily. Misha dissolves into more giggling. Cas leaves them to it.


"Yes, of course. I'm looking forward to it. Oh yes. I love you as well."

Dean gives Cas an expectant look. "What was that?"

Cas smiles. "My parents are coming to visit. Mother can't wait to meet you."

Panic immediately sets in. This is going to be a disaster.


"Why are you freaking out?"

"Why?" Dean explodes. "Why? Because look at their kids, Sam," he snarls. "They're either weird uptight little nerds or total freaks. I'm a fucking high school drop-out. I'm a mechanic. They're going hate me," he rants.

"They are not," Jensen says, but that doesn't help a bit.

"Easy for you to say," he snarls. "You're halfway to a degree and everyone always likes you."

"Cas likes you," Sam points out. "Cas loves you, so...even if they hate you, he'll still love you."

Dean stares at him. "Not helping, Sam."


By the time Dean makes it to the living room, the introductions are underway. Misha's arm is around an attractive older woman with long brown hair and he’s talking animatedly while Jensen smiles his 'charming grin.'

Cas turns away from what must be his father and smiles. "Dean! Come here please," he says. "This is my father."

His father who's wearing a trucker hat and a plaid shirt.

"Uh, hi."

"Bobby," he grunts, shaking Dean's hand.

"Oh Dad, I meant to tell you, Dean rebuilt his car. It's a classic." To Dean, he adds, "Dad owns a garage."

Wow, Dean thinks as relief pumps through his veins, girls really do marry their fathers.


"Hush up, Bobby," their mom finally interrupts his and Dean's heated discussion. "I've not met this one yet." She offers her hand. "Ellen Collins."

"Pleased to meet you, ma'am."

Ellen snorts. "Polite." She gestures Jensen to stand beside Dean, then gives them a onceover. "I tell you what, Bobby. My sons have good taste."

"I like how they’re your sons when it's good taste and my sons when they come home covered in mud and holding strange dogs."

Ellen grins. "Yessir."

Random Interlude of the Past

"Here." Misha hands Cas a perfectly circular mud pie. "Your hamburger."
Cas gleefully digs in.

When they bound through the front door hours later, mouths and hands filthy, Bobby sighs heavily. "Ellen!"

She takes one look at them and backs out of the room. "They're your kids."
Interlude Over


"Jensen, I swear, if you don't keep that cat outta my stuff, I'll never blow you again."

"You act like you don't like him."

"I don't!"

Jensen digs into his pocket and extracts his wallet. "Exhibit A." It's a photo of Misha, asleep on the couch, Top Hat nestled in his arms.

"B." Another candid shot of Misha tossing a stringed ball to the cat.

"C." Misha absentmindedly stroking the cat out on the porch.

"What the hell is this?"

"That's right. I've been documenting your secret love affair for weeks now."

"I hate you and the cat."


"She's too big for the bed now."

"She's fine! Lighten up."

Three hours later, Cas is wide awake, squished in between a giant dog on one side and a large boyfriend on the other. They are snoring in tandem. Right into Cas' ears.

Letting Dean fall for Angel was a mistake.

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