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23 January 2011 @ 03:11 am
FIC: Something Unexpected  
Title: Something Unexpected
Author: CloudyJenn
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me. I am making no profit from this fanfiction.
Warnings: Epic age difference (no underage interactions however)
Summary: Mr. Novak is Dean's principal. Dean would like him to be more.
Author's Notes: The so-called High School AU. Written in individual tweet style. There is one complete story arc in this update, but the verse is technically still open for me to play around in when I feel like it. Sorry, talli_approved for tormenting you about titles. Thanks to logicallunacy for collecting these off Twitter.

"If you don't keep quiet, I'm going to send you to Principal Novak."

Dean smirks around the end of his pencil.

"Fine by me."


"Dean Winchester is here again."

Castiel sighs heavily. It's wrong to think it, but he hates dealing with Dean. If it were just a bad attitude, Cas could handle it. But the way Dean blatantly flirts with him...well, it affects Cas far more than it should.

"Send him in.'


"Hey, Mr. Novak," Dean says, slinging himself onto the available chair. "So I was thinking. Are you busy three months from Saturday?"

Cas draws in a steadying breath. That's Dean's graduation date.

"You aren't going to distract me off topic, Dean."

Dean just shrugs, as if he doesn't care, but Cas swears he sees a flash of hurt in Dean's eyes.


Dean turns Cas' chair with surprising strength.

"If you’d give me what I want, I'd behave just fine," he says, his voice soft and seductive. "Don't you want me to behave?" he asks as he climbs into Cas' lap.

"Dean," Cas groans. "You shouldn't-"

He breaks off when Dean rubs his ass down on Cas' groin and grins.

"I think I should, Mr. Novak," he says and that's when Cas wakes up.

"Damn it," he grunts, aroused and angry with himself. He can't remember the last time he didn't dream about Dean like this. "Damn it," he repeats but it doesn't help. He's still turned on and he's still so very screwed.


"Did he say yes?" Sam asks eagerly.

Dean thinks he wouldn't be so eager if he knew who Dean wanted.

"Fuck him. There are way better guys that want me," he says flippantly.

"Oh," Sam says sadly. "I'm sorry."

"Don't bother."

"But you...you really like him-"

"I said don't," Dean growls. It's bad enough without Sam's pity. He just needs to get through school and then he can go away to college where there's no Mr. Novak making him feel so good and so stupid all at once.


Dean squirms in his chair. He loathes assemblies. They should just be a way to catch an extra hour of sleep, but no. Not with Mr. Novak commanding the stage, his dark rough voice echoing around the auditorium. Dean can't take his eyes off the slender arms revealed by Mr. Novak's rolled-up white sleeves. He drags his coat into his lap. Fucking assemblies.


Cas is thinking about what type of sauce to cook when he turns the corner and barrels into a very solid body. He flails back, nearly falling on his ass, but strong arms close around his waist, holding him upright.

"Whoa," a very familiar voice says in his ear. "I got you, Mr. Novak."

Cas looks up into Dean Winchester's amused green eyes and swallows hard when he's dragged closer, pressed hard against that broad chest.

"Are you okay?"

No. Not at all.


"You wanna?" Matt says and he's not Dean's first choice, but he's hot and Dean's human, so he agrees.

Matt wants to kiss, but he's not Dean's boyfriend. Dean drops to his knees and unbuckles Matt's belt, pretending in his head that the pants he's easing down are blue dress pants. The door bangs open and both boys whirl around to see Mr. Novak standing there, the shock in his ice-blue eyes quickly turning to molten fury.

"Get off him," Mr. Novak barks. Dean hops up.

"Mr. Novak, I'm sorry, it wasn't..."

"Hush," Mr. Novak orders. "Both of you, follow me. Now." Matt looks scared, but Dean just feels sickening guilt gather in his chest.


Mr. Novak sees them separately. Dean waits outside his office until Matt emerges.

"Mr. Winchester, please come in."

Matt shrugs at him while Dean takes a deep breath and goes into the office.

"I'm really sorry, Mr. Novak. I don't even really like him."

Mr. Novak considers coolly, but Dean swears he sees relief spark in those blue eyes. "I've given Matt a week's worth of detention for inappropriate school ground behavior. You'll receive the same, of course."

"Um, okay."

There's a short tense silence that Mr. Novak suddenly breaks. "You can't put yourself in that situation with...with young men you don't even like," he finishes, but Dean thinks he meant to say something else.

"Yeah, well, the person I like doesn't want me, so-"

"The person you like can't want you," Mr. Novak interrupts quietly."You must understand that."

Shock courses through Dean. Can't? Not...doesn't? Suddenly, it doesn't matter what Mr. Novak says or what punishment he doles out. School's out in two months and then Dean's coming after what's his.


Cas is suspicious when Dean delivers a folder for Mr. Singer.

"Here ya go, Mr. Novak," he says pleasantly and then practically sashays out, leaving Cas with no choice, but to watch his ass as he leaves. That kid's going to be the death of him. He opens the folder to find a note atop Singer's files that reads, "57 days."

Cas sighs. So much for discouraging him.


"If I didn't know better, I'd say you were in love."

Cas nearly spills the drink he's pouring for Anna. Love? Surely not. A silly attraction yes, but nothing more. Right?

"Oh! You are!" Anna says excitedly. "What's his name?"

Cas can do no more than stare blankly at her.


30 days. Dean decides to celebrate the event with a movie. An old black and white horror film all his friends refuse to attend. Whatever. It's their loss.

"Dean?" Of all the places he expected to see Mr. Novak, this was not one of them.

"What are you doing here?"

"Watching a film," he says and Dean snorts. The theatre is empty save them. Sitting away from Mr. Novak would be silly.

"Great! I'll join you."

Mr. Novak's eyes widen when Dean tucks himself in at his side, but doesn't object. Dean grins. This is so awesome.


Dean's quiet for about 15 minutes before grabbing Cas' arm and saying, "This part is awesome!"

Cas agrees, but he can barely breathe, much less pay attention. Dean is so close Cas can smell his clean soapy scent and feel the heat of his body. "Dean."

"Shh," Dean says, sliding his hand down to curl around Cas' wrist. "You're missing the good part."


When Dean begins stroking the sensitive skin of Cas' wrist, pleasure and discomfort war in his body. He's desperate to pull away, yet longs to get closer.

"Dean, you should stop," he whispers.

"Stop what?" Dean asks with false innocence.

"You're making me uncomfortable."

Dean glances at Cas' obvious arousal and smirks. "Sorry, Mr. Novak," he says dutifully. "I'll quit touching your hand." Then he curls his fingers over Cas' thigh. Cas sucks in a quick breath. He's not going to survive this movie.


Dean can't help pushing. Mr. Novak is rigid beside him and only gets tenser when Dean slides his hand up Mr. Novak's leg. The muscles tremble under his touch.

"Dean," he grunts, sounding wrecked. "Stop it."

"Why? No one's here. Nobody can see us. It's alright."

"Oh, it's alright, is it? You aren't the one who'll be in trouble, so it's just fine with you," Mr. Novak snarls, shifting his hips to a better angle for Dean. "Then by all means, take what you want."

"Mr. Novak," Dean says weakly, pulling his hand away. "I didn't-"

Mr. Novak growls deep in his throat, a desperate needy noise. "You have to stop," he says, but his actions undermine his words. He jerks Dean forward and presses his forehead to Dean's.

"Please, Dean," Mr. Novak whispers, his warm breath sliding over Dean's cheek. "I can't. I just can't," he says and with one last heated look, he's out of his chair and the theatre, leaving Dean breathless and confused.


Cas slams his car door shut. He presses the heel of one palm against his erection and the other over his eyes.

"Stupid," he hisses. "Stupid!" He thinks about the warm weight of Dean's touch and his dick jerks under his hand. "Damn it!"

Cas shoves the key in the ignition. He needs to forget Dean and find someone his own age. Cas turns his car towards the bar district. He needs to get laid.


Cas means to pick someone as different to Dean as possible, but he catches a flash of smiling green eyes and he's hooked.

"You look like you're ready for some fun," Elijah purrs in his ear, his arm sneaking around Cas' waist.

Cas' answer is lost in the distraction of his phone buzzing against his leg. It's a text message from an unknown number. Cas frowns as he opens it to read, Two apologies. One for stealing this number out of Mr. Singer's desk. And the other for earlier. I can wait thirty days if you can.-Dean.

Cas sighs.

"The boyfriend?" Elijah asks, disappointment already glimmering in his eyes.

"Apparently," Cas answers.


Cas is back home on his bed, hand shoved down his pants when his phone buzzes again. "Damn it."

The universe is conspiring against Castiel ever getting off again. He taps the phone.

Or rather, Dean is conspiring.

Btw, the message reads. Is it illegal for me to text you? Because if not I could tell you all about how I'm jerking off right now and thinking about you.

And just like that, Cas spills over his hand, pleasure and irritation crashing through him at once. Dean doesn't even have to be in the same room to drive him crazy.


Cas: You shouldn't.

Dean: I shouldn't tell you about how I've got fingers in me that I wish were yours?

Cas: Your own fingers, I assume.

Dean: LOL, you jealous, Mr. Novak?

Cas: Please stop texting me.

Dean: No. You got your way before, now I get mine. Now tell me what you're wearing.

Cas: Goodnight, Dean.


Dean doesn't text Cas during school, but afterward all bets are off. All night long, Dean tells Cas pretty much everything he thinks and does. He brags about his brother, complains about his father, asks Cas to tell him about his life. Cas has to upgrade his cell plan to include free texting.

12 days before Dean's graduation, Cas is laying in bed and trying to convince Dean to go to sleep. They've been texting for hours.

You will see me tomorrow, Cas types.

No, I'll see Principal Novak. I like you better.

Go to sleep, Dean.

Not until you tell me you love me.

Cas smiles at his phone as he sends the message.

I love you.

It takes Dean a very long time respond. Seriously?

Go to bed.

I love you too is Dean's answer.


"Why're you so excited?"

"Two days to graduation!"

Anna lifts an eyebrow. "And?"

Cas smiles. "Ask me again in three days."


The night before Dean's graduation, Cas only gets one text that says, I love you.

The next day, after the ceremony, the message is quite different.

I want you to fuck me.

Castiel can barely control his fingers to type his address.

Be there in 30, Dean commands.


Dean is on him the second Cas opens the door. "Dean, hold on-"

"No," Dean says between frantic open-mouthed kisses. "Done waiting, Cas, ok? Just let me..." He drops to his knees and fumbles at Cas' belt. "Please, can I?" he asks, looking up at Cas with bright feverish eyes and Cas has never seen anything so perfect in his life.

"Yes," he breathes. "Yes, of course."

As if there was any other answer.


It's a good thing there's a wall behind Cas' back because he'd never be able to stand upright without the support. Not with the way Dean is sucking him hard and fast, like he's trying to make up for months of teasing by making him explode as quickly as possible.

"Do you... are you..."

Dean pulls off long enough to lick at the head and say, "We got all night, man. I want you to come in my mouth."

"Oh god," Cas says, concentrating on wet tight heat and thrusting gently until doing just what Dean wants.


Dean rests his forehead on Cas' thigh as Cas catches his breath.

"Did you...?" Cas asks just as Dean gives a choking groan and slumps against him. "Oh."

It's a good thing Dean was right about them having all night.


Cas hauls Dean to his feet and smiles at the sleepy content on his face.

"I love you," he says.

It's amazing to say it in person and see Dean's eyes brighten. "Me too," he says and then his hands are plucking at Cas' clothes. "I wanna see you naked."

Cas catches his hands and brings them to his mouth to kiss the palms. "Slow down," he orders softly. The tension drains out of Dean's body. "I'll take care of you."

Cas pulls his underwear up, but steps out of his slacks, leaving his white dress shirt to hang down to his hips. Dean's eyes rake over him, his pupils dilating.

"Come on," Cas says as he takes Dean's hand and leads him to the bedroom.


Dean is so eager for it, Cas pushes him down onto the edge of the bed and quickly strips. The way Dean watches him so closely is exciting. For all that Cas is only removing his clothes in his usual efficient manner, Dean's clear adoration and arousal make Cas feel sexy and powerful.

"Is it my turn yet?"

Dean's eyes flick up from Cas' renewing erection.

"Yes," he declares, turning Cas around and pushing him to sit. Dean only manages to get his shirt off before Cas is back in his space, on his knees and kissing down the middle of his chest.

"Um, oh," Dean breathes. "Nggh, Mr. Novak-"

Cas gently bites at Dean's hip. It really shouldn't turn him on so much to hear Dean call him that, he thinks as he mouths Dean's dick through his underwear.


Cas lays Dean on the bed.

"Are you gonna fuck me now?" Dean asks, unconsciously spreading his legs as he gazes up at Cas.

A number of thoughts cross Cas' mind. About how it's more than just fucking, how Dean's been practicing for this moment for months, and how he wants to bite the inside of Dean's thigh. But what he says is, "Yes, Dean. I am going to fuck you now."


Dean is open and ready when he suddenly pushes at Cas' shoulders. "Wait, hang on. I thought about this forever, how I want to do it," he gasps, already on the verge of climax from Cas' preparations.

"How?" Cas growls.

Dean curls a leg around Cas' hip and flips them over. "I wanna ride you," he says.


When Dean positions himself over Cas' dick, he's ready for Dean to stop and start several times, but to his surprise, Dean lowers himself all the way down, taking all of Cas in one long fluid motion.

"Fuck," Dean hisses. "That's fucking...oh my god..."

Cas can't even talk to agree. All he can do is press hand-shaped bruises into Dean's hips and wait for him to grow accustomed to the fullness.


"C-can I move?" Dean pants a few moments later.

Cas immediately thrusts up once hard.

"Yes, yes," he babbles. "Move now."


In the next moment, Cas is lost. It's more than just the physical sensations, the perfect tight heat of Dean's body, the way his hands clutch desperately at Cas' shoulders and the frantic kisses Dean presses to his mouth, his face and neck. It's the way Dean also loses himself. The needy little whimpers and deep throaty groans he doesn't try to hide, the way he trusts Cas enough to let his body take over the motion of his downward thrusts, moving himself on Cas' dick until it hits exactly the way he likes best. He's giving everything to Cas without reserve and he's so beautiful, Cas can hardly bear it.

"Dean," he murmurs as Dean cups a hand around his neck and presses their foreheads together the way Cas did in that movie theatre. "Love...love you."

"Yeah, c'mon," Dean gasps. "Love you too, Cas, so much. Oh god, c'mon."

Cas strokes Dean's cock, thrusting harder and faster with each passing moment until Dean throws his head back and stiffens, coming across Cas' stomach. He barely gives himself a second to react before he's pushing Cas to lay flat and thrusting himself down on his cock as hard as he can.

"C'mon," he says again. "Wanna see you, Cas. Thought about it so much, wanna see you come." He slides a palm against Cas' cheek and gives him a smirking grin. "You gonna come in me, Mr. Novak?"

Cas' back arches off the bed as pleasure rushes through his body.

"Yes, oh god, yes," he answers.


Dean falls asleep atop Cas a mere five minutes later. Cas gathers him close, smiling to himself as he strokes Dean from his shoulders down to his ass and back up again. He just wore out the eighteen year old.


Cas wakes up to the brush of lips against his rapidly hardening dick. "Dean?"

"I hope you don't have a lot of other guys doing this to you," Dean grumbles.

"No, I just...what are you doing?" It's still dark outside.

"I wanna go again." He kisses Cas' hipbone. "Is that okay?"

"If you were really worried about that," he gasps as Dean rubs his cheek against Cas' erection. "You should have asked before you started."

Dean grins wickedly. "Oh right."


The next time Cas sinks into him, Dean is on his stomach, groaning his pleasure into Cas' pillow and clutching the sheets between his fingers as Cas holds him down and sets the pace. He's unable to move, even to touch himself, has to get by with rubbing his aching dick into the bed.

"Cas, please," he begs ."Please."

Cas drags him up onto his knees, so his dick isn't touching anything. No friction, just the feel of Cas thrusting deep inside him.

"No," Cas murmurs, his voice tight and commanding. "Not until I say so." With words like that sending waves of heat through Dean's body, he thinks he might not be able to wait even if he tried.


Cas presses his hand against Dean's belly and kisses his shoulder. Under the blanket, their legs are tangled together. It's the best feeling of Cas' life. "We should shower."

Dean turns in Cas' arms and kisses him. "I wanna tell Sam." They'd already discussed through texts that they must be discreet for several months to avoid questions.

Cas frowns. "I don't know-"

"Sam wouldn't say a word. I trust him with my life."

Cas cups Dean's cheek. "I know. But Sam is still my student. Wouldn't that make him uncomfortable?"

"He's going to be your student for three more years. You wanna wait that long?"

Cas sighs. "No."

Dean presses Cas aside and climbs astride his lap. "It'll be fine. I promise." As if Cas could deny Dean anything when he's naked and pressing against him.



"Mr. Novak! Oh my god! That's...that's so gross!" Sam screeches. Dean winces. Thank god John isn't home.


"He is not gross," Dean snaps.

Sam makes a face. "He's old and dorky. He wears sweater vests, Dean."

Dean smiles. "I know. He looks so hot all the time."

"That's your type? Gross old man?"

"Stop calling him gross!"


"Isn't it illegal?"

"No, we didn't do anything until after I graduated, but Sam, you can't tell anyone, ok?"

Sam scowls. "I won't, jeez. So what, are you in love with him or something?"

Dean shrugs and looks away. "Yeah."

"He's like a million."

"Dude, he's 34."


Sam creeps into Dean's room that night. "Dean?"


He perches on the end of Dean's bed. "I'm sorry I said Mr. Novak was gross. He's nice to me."


Sam lays down beside him.

"Are you gonna move in with him?"

"No. I mean not right now anyway. I've got that dorm room this fall."

There's a long silence until Sam says, "How do you know you're in love?"

"I told myself all about it."


"Why, you got some girl you like?" Another long pause. "I knew it! Who is she?"

The rest of the night passes in conversation about Sam's crush, Jessica, and Dean's new boyfriend and so Dean knows they're going to be okay.


Dean pushes Cas onto his living room couch and climbs into his lap, kissing and stroking every inch of skin he finds.


"Missed you," Dean mutters against Cas' neck.

"It's only been two days."

"Too long," Dean says. "Get this shirt off."

Cas obliges him.


"Are you sure you want to do this?"

Dean nods eagerly, his face already flushed. "Yeah."

"Very well."

Dean stations himself outside the door of Cas' home office and knocks. "Come in." He walks in, eyes lowered. "Back again, Mr. Winchester? I'm very disappointed in your behavior."

Dean's cock twitches.

"I'm really sorry, Mr. Novak."


After Cas spanks Dean's ass to a captivating shade of red, he fucks him over the side of the desk. There's nothing gentle or loving about the coupling, but it means just as much to Cas that Dean trusts him with this fantasy.


"So do you have one?"

Cas shifts uncomfortably. "Well..."

Dean tries not to feel stung.

"You don't have to tell me."

Cas grabs his hand and kisses his wrist. "I want to tell you." He cradles Dean's hand in his lap. "I'm gay-"

Dean laughs. "I figured."

"No, I meant, I'm not bisexual. I've never had sexual feelings towards women," Cas says.

"If your fantasy is to not have sex with a woman, I think we got that covered."


"Sorry, sorry."

Cas sighs. "I meant...I have this thing about women's underwear."

Dean stares. "What, like...panties?" Cas' cheeks flush red, but he nods. "You like to wear them?"

"No," Cas saids pointedly. It takes a second.

"You want me to wear them?" The way Cas' pupils dilate gives Dean his answer. "Wow." A pause. "You got a pair?" Cas shakes his head. "Well, then we need to go shopping."


Dean lays on his back, staring at the ceiling and panting. His new pair of pink silky panties hang from Cas' bedpost.

"That was awesome," Dean rasps. The way Cas' tongue felt against the silk covering his erection is already in Dean's top five favorite sensations of all time.

"We could combine our fantasies sometime."

Dean thinks about Principal Novak discovering naughty Dean in girly underwear and grins. "Sure."


"I'm going to tell Dad."

Cas freezes in the middle of stirring the Alfredo sauce. It's only been three weeks since graduation and Cas has met John Winchester. He's a scary man.

"Do you think that's a good idea? Your father won't be pleased. Maybe we should wait-"

Dean covers mouth with one hand.

"I meant, I'm going to tell him I'm gay."

"Oh. Yes. That's a good idea."

Dean rolls his eyes.


"I'm sorry, you're what?"

Dean's heart pounds in his ears. "Gay. I, uh...I like guys." John doesn't even look up from the engine he's examining. "Dad?"

"Did that Novak character put this idea in your head?"

Horror thrums through Dean's veins. "Mr. Novak?"

"I'm not actually stupid, Dean. You talk about the man all the time. So what is it? Hero worship?" He still won't look at Dean.

"Dad...this isn't...it's nothing to do with Mr. Novak. I liked guys before I met him. I can't help it..."

"Hmm," John grunts.

"Are you mad-"

"Go start dinner."


"Now, Dean."

It takes everything in Dean to obey and not run straight to Cas' house.


Cas fumbles for his phone, still mostly asleep when he answers. "Hello?"

"Will you come let me in?"

"Dean?" He's already getting out of bed and making his way downstairs. "What happened?"

"Dad didn't like it."

Cas opens the door and catches Dean in his arms. "Did he...?"

Dean clings to him. "He just didn't like it. Can I stay here tonight?"

Cas' heart aches at Dean's blank tone, obviously covering his hurt. "Of course." He pulls Dean upstairs and into the bed, tucking Dean against his side. "You can always stay with me."


"Dean, I have to tell you something."

Dean puts down the wrench he'd been using to work on Cas' leaky faucet.

"Ok," he says nervously.

"It's nothing bad," Cas assures him. "Well, I don't think it is."

"What does that mean?"

"My brother, Gabriel, is coming to stay with me. I thought...it's been almost a month and I haven't told anyone. I thought, if you don't mind, I could start with him."

Dean smiles. "Sure. He can't be that scary," he says and in turning back to the sink, he misses Cas' wince.

"Um. Yes."


The last person Cas expects to see in the baking aisle is Sam Winchester. The second they meet eyes, both stiffen and glance away. For a second, Cas considers a retreat. But he needs the flour for Dean's pie. He studiously ignores Sam as he makes his selection.

For his part, Sam seems frozen in his spot in front of the baking soda. Until Cas grabs the flour and then he blurts out, "He likes apple best."

"Excuse me?"

Sam's cheeks are red. "Dean's favorite pie flavor is apple."

"Oh." Cas smiles. "Thank you."


Dean decides the only way to stop Cas' fidgeting is to roll on top of him.

"I'm tired," he says, glaring down at Cas' nervous expression. "I can't sleep with your agitator act going on. Are you that freaked about your brother?"

"You don't understand."

"Then tell me."

Cas sighs. "Gabriel is the only family member I have that will still talk to me."

"What? Why?" Dean demands, outraged and perhaps a bit afraid. It's been three weeks since he's spoken two words with his father. Is this his future?

"I was supposed to join my father's business. Especially after Gabriel declined. Combine my own refusal with my sexuality and I'm no longer welcome in my childhood home. If Gabriel disapproves of you, I will lose him too."

Dean swallows hard.

"You'd choose me?"

Cas cups his cheek. "Of course."

"Well, then I'll fucking force him to like me."


Gabriel pokes his head in Cas' front door and peers around as if searching for potential attackers.

"What are you doing?" Cas asks irritably. He's been lugging Gabe's massive suitcase from the airport without much help from his brother.

"Just checking. You've told me so little about your new man, I'm beginning to worry he's a dangerous criminal you're harboring or maybe a fire-breathing tentacle monster."

"Don't tentacle monsters usually live under water?" Cas asks as he heaves the suitcase across the threshold. "What good would fire-breathing do?"

"Hey, he's your boyfriend, not mine."

Cas rolls his eyes. "Dean is a perfectly normal human."

Gabe doesn't look impressed.

"You need better than normal, baby brother."


"Goddamnit!" Cas hears on his front porch. Both his and Gabriel's gaze snaps to the door.


"I don't know," Cas says, but ‘what’ becomes very apparent as Dean bursts in the front door, completely soaked and naked from the waist up.

"Dean!" Cas exclaims.

"I fucking fell on your goddamed hose. I told you put the fucking thing away. Why's it out anyway? It's pouring out there! Why do you need more water? I fell in a goddamned mud puddle. My shirt's destroyed. Look at me!" he growls, pointing to his now muddy brown jeans.

"Um...Dean...this is my brother, Gabriel."

At Gabe's smirk, Dean scowls. "Shut the fuck up or I'll sit on you."

Well, Cas thinks. This is going well.


"Very nice, Cas," Gabriel says. "If I were into young nubile teenage boys, I'd be jealous right now."

"What'd you call me?" Dean asks crossly.

"Nubile," Gabe repeats. "It means thrifty."

"Yeah, well you're-"

"Dean," Cas interrupts with a glare.

Dean visibly collects himself. "I mean, hi, Gabriel. I'm Dean. How was your flight?"

To both Dean and Cas' surprise, Gabe smacks the back of Cas' head. "Don't muzzle the kid, Cassy. Remember why you had an ulcer at 28?"

Cas glares.

"By all means, Dean. Curse him out."

Dean's eyes dart from one brother to the other and back again to pause on Castiel.

"You got an ulcer?" he asks worriedly.

Behind him, Cas sees the gleam in Gabe's eyes and feels himself start to relax. It'll be fine now.


"Seriously though," Gabe says once Dean's safely in the shower. "What is he...19? 20?"

Cas flushes red. "18."

"Your student?"

The blush deepens so far Cas fears his skin will never recover.


Gabe whistles. "Man, Cas, you are one dirty son of a bitch." That special Gabriel expression of delight in the filthy and unholy steals over his face. "Did you tell him about the panty thing yet?"



"Aren't you staying to eat?"

Dean shakes his head. "Nah, Sam's got some debate thing; I promised him I'd fight with him."

"I'm sure you'll find it a real hardship."

Gabe pretends to leer at them while they kiss goodbye, Dean flips him off and then he's gone.


"Dean's younger brother. He's very protective of him."

"So you're dating an aggravating slightly naughty loud-mouth who's overprotective of his kid brother," Gabe muses and then grins. "Damn, Cas, you should have told me you were in love with me."


They're fighting when Dean gets home.

"...treating him like that! All he did was tell you the truth. It’s not like he can change it, Dad,” Sam says, his voice high and angry.

“I didn’t say he could,” John grunts.

“But you didn’t get mad when I told you I like girls and I can’t change that either. I can’t believe you’re treating him like this! Like you don’t even love him anymore.”

There’s a smacking noise, as if John threw down a newspaper or file folder.

“Don’t you say that to me,” he orders, now angry himself. “Nothing could make me stop loving you boys.”

“Then quit acting like you stopped!” Sam shouts before stomping up the stairs. Dean sits on the front porch and doesn’t let himself think about anything at all.


The door opens and a beer appears at Dean's shoulder. He takes it, but doesn't open it as John sits beside him. They remain quiet for a very long time, both sipping at their beers and staring out in the yard. Finally, after an age, John says, "Tell me."

And the floodgates open. For three hours straight, Dean talks about first realizing he looked at boys instead of girls, about his first crushes, how confused and scared he was, how afraid he was that John and Sam would hate him. The only reason he doesn't explain Cas is because that's their joint decision, but even so, he hints at it, at the deep and frightening love he's discovered at such a young age.

When he's finally talked himself hoarse, John makes a thoughtful noise.

"Sounds familiar," he says and Dean has to look away so John won't see his eyes turn wet.


Dean crawls into Cas' bed without waking him up. It must be some kind of special stage in their relationship that Cas is so used to his presence that he doesn't even stir. Dean's exhausted from his talk and from finally helping Sam with his debate work, but sleep wouldn't come at home.

As he curls into Cas' side, Dean thinks maybe he can't sleep anymore unless he's in this very spot.


Dean gets another hint about why he likes sleeping at Cas' when he wakes up to Cas' lips wrapped around his dick.


"Dean." Cas slips up behind Dean and hugs him, peppering his neck with small kisses. "I love you."

Dean rolls his eyes.

"You don't have to butter me up. I'll cook you hamburgers tonight."


Dean can't hide his grin. Cas looks perfect in the black robe and white collar. He kneels at Cas' feet and nuzzles at his thigh.

"I need to confess, Father Novak. I've been having unpure thoughts."

"Tell me about these thoughts, my son."

Dean's grin widens.


They move slowly in lazy fluid motions, burrowed safe under the heavy quilt. Dean is half asleep, only just aware enough to concentrate on the way Cas holds him close, his chest to Dean's back and the warm liquid pleasure that builds with every long lazy thrust. He leans back fully into Cas' embrace, trusting that Cas will get him there.

"Love you," Cas murmurs in his ear and Dean smiles in the darkness.


Cas watches Dean storm out the front door and falls onto the couch, his stomach churning unpleasantly. Of all their firsts, he'd been least looking forward to their first fight.


"What's wrong with you?"

Dean scowls at Sam, but answers, "Cas doesn't want me to move in with him."

"Oh...why not?"

"Because college," here Dean mimics Cas' deep voice, "is a special time and you should be with people your own age, blah blah."

Sam hums thoughtfully.

"Don't you want to hang out with kids your age?"

"Yeah, but I don't want to sleep with them! Cas is just afraid someone will find out about me," Dean grunts. "Asshole."

Sam just nods. Sometimes it's easier that way.


Sam and John exchange a glance as Dean slams dishes into the washer. John may not know exactly where his son's been disappearing to every night, but he sure as hell wishes he'd go back. Screw worrying he messed up his kid. If gay sex makes Dean less of a prickly bastard, then so be it.


Cas sets down the phone. This is getting very serious and Cas doesn't know why. It's as if Dean thinks Cas doesn't want him to live there when the opposite is true. Cas can't think of anything sweeter than sharing his home with Dean, but he's worried Dean will regret not having the excitement of the college experience.

Still, he can't explain that if Dean won't answer the phone.

It's time for drastic action.


Cas takes a deep breath and knocks. It only takes a moment until it's answered by Dean's father, John. Dean's tall broad intimidating father who could easily snap Cas' neck.

"Yeah?" John grunts.

"I'd like to speak with Dean."

John narrows his eyes.

"It's you, huh?"

Cas tries not to let his nerves show. "Yes."

A muscle under John's eye begins to tick and Cas swallows. This could be bad.


John walks into the house a few steps and then back again.

"Mr. Winchester-"

"Don't," he barks. "Did you touch him while he was in school?"

"Of course not," Cas says calmly. He has to stay calm if he's going to get through this.

"And what? You like tricking young kids into fucking you?"

And like that, calm flies out the window.

"Don't speak to me like that," Cas growls, stepping forward into John's space. "I've done nothing wrong."

"Are you kidding me? You seduced my son-"

"On the contrary, he seduced me," Cas interrupts.

John jerks back in surprise. "What?"

"Dean knows his own mind, Mr. Winchester. He doesn't fall for tricks," Cas says irritably. "Do you even know you're own son?"

Sudden pain lances through his skull and as Cas hits the wall, he has just enough time to register shock that John actually punched him before he blacks out.


When Cas wakes up, there are gentle fingers stroking through his hair. He groans quietly. "Cas?" Dean asks worriedly. "Are you awake?"

Cas opens his eyes. He's in a small messy bedroom full of bookshelves and what looks like half a car's worth of spare parts.


"My bedroom. I carried you up here. Cas...I can't believe you came over here." Dean's voice is full of quiet awe.

"You wouldn't answer your phone."

Dean stares. "I thought you didn't want to tell anyone."

Cas touches his face and winces. "If this is the result, maybe I don't.”


"Of course I want to tell people," Cas says as he struggles to sit up. "I love you; I want to tell everyone." He twines their fingers together. "I will admit to still feeling wary, but not because I'm ashamed of you."

"I don't like you making decisions for me," Dean confesses. "If you don't want me to move in, fine, but don't say it's because you know what's best for me."

Cas nods.

"You're right. I apologize." He smiles and raises Dean's hand to kiss it. "Maybe we aren't ready after all."

"Yeah, maybe," Dean agrees. "But I'm still coming over all the time."

"If your father doesn't kill me."



Chuck stares at his new roommate. Neat dark hair, midnight blue sweater over light blue button down, long tan coat. He looks like a professor and he has to be at least 35. Weird.

"Um, hi?"

The guy startles. "Oh, hello."

They stare silently for a few seconds.


"Oh no! I'm not Dean. He's in the bathroom. I'm Cas. I'm his boyfriend."

Relief pumps through Chuck. He'd been worrying about hiding his porn collection. This guy looks like someone who disapprove if shenanigans.


Weird older boyfriend, Chuck can handle.


Dean doesn't have a major. After many lengthy discussions with his father and Cas (though not at the same time as they still aren't speaking to one another), the only thing Dean knows is that he wants to use the college fund John started when Dean was born. Cas soothes him with stories of not picking his major until halfway through his sophomore year.

And then with a lengthy enthusiastic blowjob.

So without a major, Dean ends up signing up for American history, English comp, Biology and Health.

At first, he's too enamored with the concept of long breaks between classes to pay his schoolwork too much attention. He texts Cas several times a day to taunt him about the fact that Cas is herding high schoolers while Dean is lazying in the sun on his dorm's front lawn. Eventually, he's going to find a job, probably at a garage, but for now, he's glorifying in his freedom and trying not to think about how right Cas was about Dean not missing this experience.

About two weeks in, Dean starts to take his classes more seriously. English comp is boring as hell and Health is a useless repetition of shit everyone knows.

History and Biology are a different story. Dean's always liked History and Biology has never been so fascinating. Dr. Reid is the kind of teacher who could make any subject entertaining. By week three Dean is convinced Dr. Reid is the smartest funniest teacher he's ever had.

And that's when Cas' problems start.


Dr. Reid this, Dr. Reid that and did you know Dr. Reid studied in Paris?

Cas listens to Dean babble on and smiles. He's pleased Dean's taken so well to college. It's not for everyone, but Cas would hate for Dean to discover he didn't like it when his heart is set on making his father proud by being the first Winchester to graduate college.

Dean's clear admiration of this Dr. Reid reminds Cas of the hero worship he held for one of his education professors. He wonders if Dean's future lay in the sciences and puts the matter out of his mind.

Until he meets this Dr. Reid.

Dean's infatuation has not abated by week five. It's not like he talks about Dr. Reid constantly, but whenever he does, it's with wide eyes and an excited tone. It's really rather endearing until one Saturday afternoon when they're eating lunch on campus and Dean suddenly grins.

"Hey, Dr. Reid!"

"Oh hello, Dean. How are you?"

He's nothing like Cas' wizened old education professor.

Oh no, he's young and gorgeous and so clearly gay. Cas can tell. Just knows from the way his dark brown eyes flick to Dean's plump lips and broad shoulders. The man wants him and god, is he ever Dean's type. Smart, older, dark hair, even the sweater vest.

He's more attractive than Cas and Dean is looking at him like he hung the moon.

Cas hates him.


"This is my boyfriend, Cas," Dean says and Cas sees Reid's eyes darken and then grow pleased. He sees the thought process. Damn, he's got a boyfriend, but yes, he's gay!

Cas' hatred grows.


That night, Cas takes Dean hard against the living room wall, arms penning him in, surrounding him on all sides and feels nothing, but pure vicious satisfaction every time his name falls from Dean's lips.


The thing is, Cas knows Dean would never cheat. After everything they've been through, Cas knows Dean would tell him if his affections were straying. He's just not sure he can compete with Dr. Reid, who's well-travelled and educated, obviously wealthy and hotter than holy hell with his thick black hair, athletic body and perfect smile.

Cas has always considered himself somewhat plain, saved from total insignificance by piercing blue eyes and he's not liking the side-by-side comparison.

Stupid impossibly attractive men sniffing around Dean.


Dean has an odd stunned expression on his face as he walks out to Cas' car on Friday afternoon. Cas isn't sure he's ever seen that kind of look on his face before, a sort of blank disbelief that instantly worries him.

"Are you okay? What happened?" he asks the moment Dean slides into the passenger seat.

"I think Dr. Reid just came onto me," Dean says faintly.

Cas' first instinct is to channel his immediate rage into finding and beating Reid senseless. But with Dean looking upset, Cas needs to remain calm for him. He senses this is a time when possessive posturing would not be appreciated. Not when Dean looks so utterly betrayed.

"What did he say?"

"He just..." Discomfort flickers across Dean's face. "He kept talking about you and how you guys have a lot in common."

"How does he know we have a lot in common?" Cas ask with a frown.

"I don't know. I guess I talk about you a lot. He knows you're in education and you're about the same age as him and you both grew up around here. A bunch of stupid little shit like that, so I didn't get it until he started hinting you guys could have something else in common, if you catch his fucking disturbing drift," Dean grunts, so clearly disgusted that the ire building up in Cas is somewhat appeased.

"Why the fuck he would think I'd want him anyway is beyond me," Dean grouses.

"You don't...you aren't attracted to him?"

Dean's eyes pop wide and he stares at Cas like he suggested Dean had feelings for a cocker spaniel.

"And what in the sam hill has that got to do with anything?"

"Well, no, I'm just saying...Dean, you must realize you've been talking about him a great deal lately. I thought you'd developed a bit of a crush on him," Cas confesses. He's surprised by how good it feels to finally tell Dean about his worry.

"Dude, no, just...wait, is that why you've been mopey lately?"

"I have not been mopey," Cas says crossly, even though it's a tremendous lie.

"You so have been! I thought you were so clingy because you were bummed about school starting back, but you were peeing in a circle, weren't you!"

Dean's expression suggests he finds this hilarious rather than upsetting. Or dismal as Cas has been feeling for nearly two weeks.

"Well, I'm sorry if I couldn't help noticing he's the smarter handsomer version of myself-"

"Hang on, what? What the hell are you saying to me? Are you...you can't...I don't..."

Dean takes a quick deep breath in through his nostrils as if trying to collect himself.

"Are you trying to tell me you've been sitting there thinking some stupid guy was going to steal me away because he was more awesome than you?"

Put like that, it does sound rather foolish and immature. But in his defense, Castiel’s never dated anyone as beautiful as Dean. He had no idea there were pitfalls in such a thing.

"He is quite attractive."

"You know, I'm starting to not like hearing you say that, Cas," Dean says sternly. "He's fugly in comparison to you. I never...I mean, not even once...god, Cas, how could I ever notice anyone else when you're around?"

Cas doesn't know what to say to that. But he does enjoy the pleasant warmth it brings to his face.

"You think I basically sexually harassed you in high school because I thought you were nice? I didn't even know anything about you; I just wanted to fuck you because you were so hot."

It really shouldn't be nice to hear something so unromantic and crude and yet, Cas finds himself leaning over to plant a short passionate kiss on Dean's lips.

"I'm sorry; I should have just spoken with you. I've never felt so intimidated by another man. I just...I feel so strongly for you..."

"You're an idiot," Dean says fondly. "And if you do this again, I'll spank you instead."

"It's...not a bad idea."

Dean snorts. "And here I thought you missed me, but nooo, you were just going caveman on my ass. You douchebag."

"I'm sorry! I said I'm sorry. I'll never doubt myself again. I'm a veritable sex god. There, is that good?"

"It's a start," Dean says before stealing another kiss. "But if you need a reminder, just let me know."
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"He is not gross," Dean snaps.

Sam makes a face. "He's old and dorky. He wears sweater vests, Dean."

Dean smiles. "I know. He looks so hot all the time."

"That's your type? Gross old man?"

"Stop calling him gross!"

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