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24 January 2011 @ 02:39 am
FIC: hardcorewings.com, Dean/Castiel, NC-17, part 1  
Title: hardcorewings.com, Part 1
Author: CloudyJenn
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me. I am making no profit from this fanfiction.
Warnings: extreme wingkink
Summary: When Castiel loses his job, he resorts to making wing fetish videos to make cash. Dean really likes them.
Author's Notes: This is the so-called wingkink!verse.

Gabriel knows the moment his brother walks through the door that something is very wrong.

"What happened? Who do I have to kill?"

He's only partly kidding. Castiel is more than strong enough to take care of himself, but there’s plenty about him that attracts weirdos and losers. Those that can be deterred with physical strength, Castiel could handle, but the ones who need to be told off verbally are sent to Gabriel.

"What? No, no one. It's nothing like that," Castiel says distractedly. He drags his shoulder bag over his head and sets it down beside the door. "They're downsizing at work. I've been let go."

Oh, that's not good. That's very not good. They're barely scraping by with both their paychecks. Take one away and they're in serious trouble.

"You fucking work your ass off for that piece of shit store. Why'd they let you go?"

Castiel falls onto the couch with a frustrated sigh that tells Gabriel there's nothing to be done more plainly than any words could. Already his mind is racing. Getting help from home is out of the question. Their parents had cut both sons out of their lives the moment they realized Castiel and Gabriel were determined to live amongst the humans. Castiel will have to start looking for a new job, of course, but the chances of him finding one before the rent check is due are pretty low in this shitty economic situation.

"Someone had to go," Castiel says forlornly. "Gabriel, what are we going to do? I already filled out several applications this afternoon after it happened, but..."

"Yeah. Okay, let's not freak out yet," Gabriel says with calm authority. Inside, he's a squirming mass of worry, but as the older brother, it's his job to keep Castiel from panicking. "Do some online applications tonight and I'll see if Carl has anything for you at the call center. Just don't worry. I'll think of something."

Castiel's expression is a mix of relief and skepticism. His natural inclination is trust Gabriel to make everything okay. It wouldn't be the first time. But he knows the economic climate as well as anyone. If they do get out of this mess, it's going to be through sheer luck.

And perhaps a bit of Gabriel's own brand of brilliance.


The idea comes to him at three in the morning. He's having trouble finding a comfortable spot in the short human bed he'd been forced to purchase when it hits him.


There are tons of freaks on the internet who pay good money to see a hot naked angel flash his or her wings around. With only about fifteen percent of the Earth population angelic, a kind of obsession with angel wings has flourished and some people take it a step further to a sexual fetish that Gabriel's used to his advantage many a time. But why give it away for free when they could charge money?

Gabriel is self-aware enough to know he wouldn't get a good payout. Not because he's ugly, but rather because his wings are average fluffy white things that end at his mid-thigh. Attractive, but not exactly porn worthy.

Castiel on the other hand? The kid somehow ended up with massive sprawling silver wings that drag the ground behind him. Between their size and unusual color, not to mention his ethereal good looks, they could make a fortune off him. Gabriel doesn't know why he never thought of it before.

Actually, that's not true, he thinks as he punches his pillow and turns over.

In his life, Gabriel's never met a more prudish angel. Oh sure, Castiel has a healthy curiosity and interest in sexual encounters. He just won't commit to going through with any. Half the guys Castiel likes are freaked out by the wings and the other half are way too passionate about them. Gabriel's not entirely sure Castiel is a virgin, but he'd be willing to bet their dwindling funds that he is. Convincing Castiel to strip out of that big tan overcoat and pose his wings for the camera won't be easy. Especially not when Gabriel explains his viewers are going to want him to do more than just stand there.

But rent's due in two weeks and if they can't pay, they'll be out on the streets and with no one to help them.

In this case, their very survival might depend on Castiel jerking off on camera.

Gabriel stares at the ceiling. He has a gift for talking people into things. It's why he's so good at selling magazine subscriptions over the phone. He'll just have to approach Castiel the same way he does his customers. With determination and a refusal to accept a 'no'.

With that shaky plan in place, Gabriel is finally able to drift off to sleep.


Castiel feels his wings tremble faintly as Dean backs him into the corner, the smell of old paper fading under the onslaught of Dean's own unique spicy scent. Dean holds Castiel against the shelf with his body and buries his hands in Castiel's thick soft feathers. His body warms under Dean's touches. It's strange that neither are speaking. Neither acknowledging that they're in the library where anyone could see Castiel rub himself on Dean's thigh and offer his neck to Dean's lips.

Strange, but wonderful.

He never thought he'd get to this place, wrapped tight in Dean's arms. How he ever got up the courage to speak to Dean, Castiel doesn't know. Can't remember even. But it doesn't matter. All that matters is how wonderful it feels to press his erection against Dean's hard thigh, his release so close Castiel aches with it. Harder and faster his hips piston as Dean sucks bruising kisses along his jaw and squeezes the sensitive flesh where his wings join his body.

And then Castiel is giving a startled yelp and coming and waking up alone in his small human bed.

He winces and carefully lifts himself off the bed. Obviously it was a dream. Stalking a man by hiding in the stacks of the library where he works hardly constitutes a relationship. The only reason Castiel even knows his name is because he heard another staff member say it once. Dean's gruff 'yeah?' in response had been the first word Castiel had ever heard him say and even now, the memory of that deep voice makes Castiel's spine tingle.

He's got it pretty bad.

But Dean is unattainable. Humans so rarely want angels as anything other than a novelty and though Castiel thinks he'd probably go home with Dean anyway, he knows he'd regret it when he inevitably developed feelings for the human.

"Damn," he mutters as he stalks into the bathroom to get ready. There's nothing he can do about the situation and he's got far more important things to do than mope over unrequited affections. After class, Castiel has an entire afternoon and evening of job hunting waiting for him. Joy.

"You looked like you slept really shitty," Gabriel comments when Castiel appears in the kitchen.

"I didn't exactly have much reason for restful sleep," he snaps.

Gabriel hands him a bowl of oatmeal.

"Yeah, me either. Actually, I've been thinking."

Castiel really doesn't like Gabriel's tone. It's too defeated for his liking.


"Rent's due in two weeks and with what you have left and what I have, we just don't have enough to cover it," he says, not quite meeting Castiel's eye. Nervous tension grows in the pit of Castiel's stomach. "Which is to say nothing of paying the utilities. Castiel, I...I just don't see how we're going to find the money in time."

"But..." Castiel can't quite think. There's no way Gabriel is saying what he's saying. Gabriel's always taken care of things. When their parents kicked them out of the house, Gabriel somehow managed to get them to Earth and into a place to stay. How could there be no way to fix this?

"I hate to say it, you know I do, but I think we might have to go back to Heaven."

No," Castiel hisses. "I won't go crawling back to Mother and Father now. Not when I'm nearly finished with my degree. I can't. I'd rather live on the streets than do that."

"Well, that might be your only choice!" Gabriel snaps, his hazel eyes now angry and firmly fixed on Castiel's face. "You think I like this any more than you do? I'd do anything to stay here."

"So would I," Castiel declares with utter conviction. Honestly, at this point, he can't think of anything he'd rather do less than return to the home that made him so unhappy.

"Yeah?" Gabriel narrows his eyes thoughtfully. "Anything at all?"


When he thinks about it later, Castiel really shouldn't have been surprised by Gabriel's evil grin.


"You have to be joking," Castiel says faintly.

His eyes are glued to the computer screen where a buxom young angel girl straddles the lap of a human man and uses the force of her pretty brown wings to ride him. It's a short thirty second preview that ends with the option to pay for the full ten minute video at a rate that shocks Castiel. He understands the idea. They'd make a fortune in a very short amount of time, if Castiel proved popular. But there's no way he's going to have sex on camera. Not even to stay off the streets.

"You don't actually have to screw someone, Castiel," Gabriel assures him, patting one silver wing comfortingly. "I want to pimp you out, but not that far."

"I can't say how much I appreciate that," Castiel grumbles.

"Look, all you'd have to do is show off your wings."

"Just my wings?"

Gabriel bites at the inside of his cheek. "Well..." he hedges. "Probably more than that."

This has to be the most appalling conversation of Castiel's entire life.

"You want me to sell images of my naked body on the internet," he intones.

"Just think of it as art," Gabriel says with a cheery tone that suggests he believes it's an amazing idea. Castiel wonders if he'd feel the same were he the one disrobing before who knows how many anonymous perverts. Although knowing Gabriel, he probably would.

"I don't think I can do this, Gabriel. It's too embarrassing-"

"Okay, look. I'm your brother and I didn't want to have to say this, but you leave me no choice. You, Castiel, are seriously hot."

"Gabriel!" Castiel yelps.

"It's true, though it pains me to admit. You've got those big blue eyes and pouty lips and the biggest wings I've ever seen. You'd make enough in two weeks to pay rent for a year and no one you know will ever see it," Gabriel argues.

"How do you know that?"

"Well, okay, some humans might see it, but they'd never admit to looking up wing porn on the internet and certainly no angels back home would ever know. It's either this or start looking for park benches to sleep on." Gabriel glares down at him, arms crossed over his chest. "You said you'd do anything and if I thought I could get as much money, I'd do it in a heartbeat, but let's face facts. Women love me for my amazing personality. They love you for your huge wings."

"I don't want women to love me," Castiel says petulantly.

"You will if they pay for it."

Castiel sighs. The idea of being naked in front of strangers terrifies him. He has no experience with that kind of vulnerability. But Gabriel does have a point. No one they know in Heaven even has access to the human internet and none of Castiel's human friends have ever mentioned a wing fetish. This website is only for wing kink fans. It's highly unlikely they'd ever stumble across it. And he wouldn't have to touch anyone. So it's a little like posing for a nude art class. Except you don't see the artists.

Which is probably better, actually.

"I'm very uncomfortable with this," Castiel states for the record.

Gabriel claps him on the shoulder.

"Me too, buddy. Trust me."

There's enough sincerity in his tone that Castiel actually believes him.

"Maybe...for a short time," Castiel mutters.

Living on the streets really isn't something Castiel wants to try, for all his bravado. And going home is out of the question.

"Sure, yeah. Keep looking for another job and we'll save up some dough in the meantime," Gabriel agrees. "It'll be fine."

"I can't believe I'm agreeing to take my clothes off in front of a camera," Castiel despairs with a groan, leaning back in his chair to cover his eyes. He never imagined when he first arrived on Earth that his life would come to this. Earth seemed like such a wonderful opportunity and now here they are, crushed under the unfeeling weight of economic crisis.

"Oh right, and also, you'll probably have to jerk off too," Gabriel adds.



"I'm having second thoughts," Castiel says right as Gabriel opens the door to the offices of hardcorewings.com.

"Castiel," Gabriel huffs. "Two weeks. Losing our home."

"Easy for you to say," Castiel mutters, slinking past Gabriel into the building. "You get to stay clothed."

"How is that the more fun option?"

Castiel doesn't get to answer because they're interrupted by a low whistle.

"You, darling, are hired."

They turn to see a well-dressed human man with a greedy gaze locked on Castiel's wings standing beside a welcome desk where a blond human woman sits, rolling her eyes.

"I'm sorry?"

"You're Castiel Milton, yes?" At his nod, the man claps his hands and gestures to a hallway. "Excellent. I'm Edward Crowley. Your interview is with me. Shall we?"

Castiel flashes a nervous glance to Gabriel, who gives him a thumbs up. Castiel would take his comfort more seriously if Gabriel didn't then turn away to flirt with the blond receptionist.

He follows Mr. Crowley down a hallway decorated with generic pastel abstract paintings and giant ferns in golden pots. It's disturbingly normal for a place that films porn for the internet.

"Did you honestly mean I've been hired?"

"Oh yes. There are few qualifications at hardcorewings, love and a set of big gorgeous wings is the most important one," Crowley says, leading them into an office just as normal as the hallway. There's nothing to indicate that everything in it was purchased with porn money.

"Well, that's...nice," Castiel says lamely.

"Your brother mentioned you weren't interested in partner videos?"

"Absolutely not."

Crowley shrugs, though Castiel thinks he looks disappointed.

"Suit yourself, but your paycheck could be doubled."

"No," Castiel reiterates.

"Well, no matter," Crowley says, clicking away at his computer. "You'll be a hit regardless."

Compliments shouldn't make Castiel feel so cheap. Although, he supposes he is cheap now.

But then, cheap is preferable to homeless.

"Right, so this is how this works. You'll film a few videos that will go up on our site. If they are popular enough, we'll give you a live shift. That's where the money really is because customers have to keep paying to keep watching. We'll take a share of the profits, of course, but much of those fees will go straight into your pocket," Crowley explains. "Your conduct is under your own control. We'll never pressure you into doing more than you're comfortable with or film you without your knowledge. Here's a contract that says basically the same thing. I'll give you a moment to read it."

It takes more than a moment. The contract is quite lengthy. It outlines the rules and reassurances of privacy and fair treatment. There's a section about health screenings for those doing partner videos and another about how he'll be paid. Really, it's so thorough that Castiel feels himself start to relax. It's like a real business. Just any other job, except it pays a hell of a lot better.

Castiel signs the form.

"Wonderful! Just a few more things we need to do to get you in the system and you'll be ready for your first session."

His nerves leap. He's really going to do it. Today, soon, Castiel's going to undress for money.

He might throw up.


"Hi, I'm Jo. Follow me."

Castiel trails after the blond receptionist down the hall to another door. She opens it, revealing a totally different kind of environment. There's a large camera pointed towards a soft velvety red couch in front of a set of thick blue curtains. The lights are low as if to create a romantic atmosphere. Castiel blinks.

"This is..."

"Yeah, some viewers like an expensive looking set. We start newbies here. Is that okay?" she asks.

He shrugs. "Yes."

"Great. This is Chuck. He's your fluffer. Now excuse me, I have to go make sure your brother isn't screwing with the stuff on my desk," she says, disappearing out the door with a whip of blond hair.


The Chuck in question is a short scruffy human man in glasses and a tattered flannel shirt. He steers Castiel to a chair and pushes him down.

"It means I'm gonna fluff up your wings and groom them for the show," he says, already tugging at one of Castiel's errant feathers. "Geez, these things are enormous."

"Yes," Castiel says quietly, embarrassed. It's been ages since another person groomed his wings. It's actually very nice. Chuck keeps his touch gentle and professional, like any other wing-dresser. He hasn't had the money for professional wingcare since he left Heaven. Doing it himself is difficult and at the best of times, Castiel looks like he just rolled out of bed.

"I'm gonna puff them up pretty big," Chuck says. "People will pay more."

"Ah, okay."

There's a silence that grates on Castiel's nerves. This man is prepping him for porn. He can't just pretend it's not true.

"You don't like wings?" he asks. Most humans with a wing fetish would be aroused by now.

"I don't hate them or anything, but they don't do anything for me," Chuck says with a shrug.

"Then why work here?"

Chuck opens a bottle of wing mousse and pours some in his palms.

"I'm a writer who hasn't sold anything. They pay good money here."

He spreads the mousse through Castiel's wings, forking his fingers through the feathers to puff them up. Castiel raises an eyebrow at himself in the mirror. It's a rather aggressive wingstyle. As opposed to Castiel's normal sedate flat wings, Chuck is creating a look that would signal to any angel that Castiel was on the prowl for a immediate sexual partner. Humans aware of angelic mating rituals will understand the signal and probably find it just as arousing.

"You're very good at this."

"I've been here for awhile," Chuck says. "I know more about angel sex than I ever wanted to. There. You're done."

Castiel stares at himself. His wings are sleek and shiny. Several feathers stick out aggressively on the arch curve, a very modern sexy look. He can't believe he can even look like this.


"Uh huh."

Chuck goes to fiddle with the camera and turns it on.

"I'm just gonna leave this on for you. Are you going to be okay?"

Truthfully, Castiel isn't quite sure.


After Chuck leaves, Castiel remains in his chair for a long moment. Crowley told him that they'd edit the video later and that he could take his time. Also, that he doesn't have to actually strip in front of the camera, at least not at first. Castiel is quite grateful. Sooner or later, he'll learn the moves, but for now, Castiel thinks he'd die of embarrassment if he tries to gyrate like a stripper in front of that camera.

Okay, you can do this. Just flare your wings, masturbate like normal and pretend you're all alone.

The pep talk isn't very effective, but it does get him out of the chair and carefully undoing his shirt buttons. He undresses completely, folding each item neatly and laying them together on the chair. Warm air washes over his bare flesh. Castiel appreciates that bit of thoughtfulness.

With one last deep breath, Castiel walks in front of the camera.

His nerves instantly paralyze him. He's being filmed. Naked. His stomach ties itself into knots. The only reason Castiel doesn't instantly retreat is the memory of his father's cold blue gaze as Gabriel told him he and Castiel were going to leave and nothing couldn't stop them.

Castiel can do this. For Gabriel and for himself. To survive, he can do this.

Crowley assured him that he only had to display his wings in traditional mating positions while bringing himself off. Nothing fancy. The only real restriction is that he has to film at least fifteen minutes. As nervous as he is, Castiel doubts that will be a problem.

The first thing he does is turn his back to the camera and stretch his wings out to either side of his body. The outline of his huge silvered wings along with a good look at the curve of his back and ass should be an exciting introduction.

If you're into that kind of thing.


Sam rolls his eyes as Dean's head turns to follow the angel.

"You have an illness," he says.

Predictably, Dean just smirks and watches until the angelic man is out of sight.

"The heart wants what the heart wants."

"Right. The heart," Sam says with a snort. "Why don't you just find an actual angel and date them? Oh that's right. You're scared of angels."

"I'm not scared of angels," Dean grouses. "I dated Anna, didn't I?"

"Like twice and you dumped her because you said she was scary," Sam reminds him.

"She was scary," Dean declare as he unlocks the apartment door. "And not because she was an angel."

"Whatever," Sam says, heading to his own room and calling back over his shoulder, "You're an winger and you know it. Real angels are less expensive than internet angels."

"Fuck you."

But Sam's already closed the door. Whatever. He's wrong. Dean isn't afraid of angels. They might be a little intimidating, but he's not scared. He's just never met an angel worth more than a one-night stand. Internet angels might be more expensive, but they're easier.

Speaking of which, that's not a bad idea. It's been a few weeks since Dean visited his favorite porn site. A smile grows on his face. Screw Sam. He's going to look at hot people with wings.

Once he's safely locked in his room, Dean turns on his laptop and logs onto hardcorewings.com. He's had an account here for almost two years, but he only downloads the videos once or twice a month. He's not exactly made of money. But it's been over two months since Dean's had a real date and he's pent up.

The second he's logged on as ku_1967, a still capture from a new video catches his eye. A slender back, round shapely ass and a pair of fucking gorgeous shining gray wings. Dean's cock twitches.

"Hello," he murmurs, clicking on the video. It's a flat rate price that Dean instantly pays. The flat rate videos are a better deal.

Not that Dean wouldn't pay for the live show. This angel has the hottest wings Dean's ever seen.

It takes an annoying ten minutes to download the full video, but eventually Dean clicks play. The cheesy music makes him wince. He turns it down and settles in to watch.


Castiel shakes his wings out, letting the feathers ripple from joint down to the tips. It's what he would do if a partner were watching him. Castiel places a palm on his stomach. He needs to think of this as if someone were there. Someone to please and arouse.

Of course, Dean immediately comes to mind. Castiel imagines him sitting in the nearby chair, bright green eyes locked on Castiel's naked body.

A jolt of pleasure stirs the beginning of an erection and Castiel breathes out a sigh of relief. He hadn't been certain he could get hard.

He slowly flaps his wings while brushing his palms up his chest and onto his neck, an especial hot spot for Castiel. He thinks about Dean biting down on the sensitive flesh and heat flashes through his body.

A few more moments of warming up his potential audience and Castiel turns to lay on the couch, leaning back to display his body, his wings draped in a fetching arc over the arm.


By the time the angel lays down, Dean's completely hard in his pants. He reaches down to unzip and release his erection. The angel looks even better from the front. His pleasure glazed eyes are an incredible blue Dean likes just as much as the silver wings pouring off the couch onto the floor.

Damn, those thing must be eight feet or better. Dean grips his cock and hisses, trying not to come. It's so easy to imagine burying his face and hands in those thick feathers. The way the wings are puffed up and thrashing sends a rush of heated pleasure through his veins.

As he watches, the angel spreads his legs, lowering one to the floor to display himself fully and rubs his hands over his chest. Dean puts himself in the scene, straddling the angel's lap and bending down to kiss and bite across his well-toned chest.

His erection throbs in his hand and Dean is almost angry. Why aren't angels this hot in real life?


His imaginary Dean gets up from the chair and kneels beside the couch. Castiel imagines him removing his glasses and smiling slyly at him as he sets them aside. He'd lean over to kiss Castiel's stomach, one hand gripping Castiel's thigh, the other wrapped around the base of his left wing.

His cock thickens further and Castiel slides a hand down to grasp at it. His breathing is loud and harsh in the empty room. He has to bite his lip to keep from calling Dean's name as his imaginary lover runs his tongue over the head of Castiel's dick.

A quick pause to collect a handful of lube from a pot on a small nearby table and Castiel is stroking himself in earnest, head thrown back and wings continuously fluttering.


"Holy fuck," Dean whispers.

The angel's wings are thrashing and jumping, a sure sign of intense pleasure. Dean thinks about those same wings pulsing against his body as he holds the angel from behind and thrusts inside that fantastic ass.

He's stroking hard and fast now, more turned than he's been in a very long time. On the screen, the angel squirms and lifts his hips into a tight fist. The way he moves, so effortlessly sensual, as if uncaring he's on camera, as if he's so into touching himself that nothing else matters strikes desire deep inside Dean.

The angel is beautiful.


Castiel pants and writhes on the couch. Pleasure blinds him to everything. Nothing matters now except his mental image of Dean leaning over him and pushing inside Castiel, his pretty green eyes aglow with pleasure. His wings stretch straight out, stiffening as orgasm approaches.

So close, Castiel thinks, thrusting hard into his hand.


Dean leans forward eagerly when the angel's wings go rigid. Not long now. Dean can't look at all the things he wants to see. The angel's hand moving in a blur over his cock. The long pale column of throat revealed when his head falls back. The oh so responsive wings hardening and releasing over and over as the angel works himself to orgasm.

It's when he adjusts his position to slip a finger inside himself that Dean loses it. His pleasured tension breaks in an explosive rush as he comes so damn hard over his hand, his eyes locked on the angel's lips as they move around words Dean can't read.


Castiel comes across his stomach, his body tensing under the onslaught of pleasure while his wings relax for the first time in several moments. It feels so good, surprisingly good and Castiel can't stop himself from giving into the fantasy.

"Dean," he whispers. "Dean."

In his mind's eye, Castiel sees Dean staring down at him, watching him intently with affection shining in those amazing eyes. His dick pulses weakly once more and Castiel sighs.

It's a very nice fantasy.


Dean watches until the last second and then instantly subscribes to the angel's channel. The second he uploads another video, Dean wants to know about it.


Crowley hands Castiel his first paycheck.

"We'll get a direct deposit set up and of course, this is just the first of a series of checks you'll receive for that video. I'd like to have you film another collection of one-time view videos with various positions and toys, perhaps one where you strip on camera if you're comfortable with that. You're already immensely popular, so I'm thinking of starting you on live shows within the month. Does that sound fair?"

Castiel barely hears anything Crowley is saying. The check in his hand is more than enough to cover his half of the rent. In fact, it's enough to cover the whole rent and then some. He's not had this much money in hand all at once since he came to Earth. Castiel knows it's only the result of his job, but it feels like a miracle.

"Are you alright, love?"

"Oh yes," Castiel says, coming back to his senses. "I'm just shocked by this amount."

"Your video is number two on the site already," Crowley says with apparent delight. "The only person beating you is Greta, but she's had a large following for several years now. I'm quite impressed. I trust you still wish to work here?"

It's only been four days. None of the places to which Castiel has applied have called back. And while he's still embarrassed by this line of work, he just can't afford to pass up the chance to save up more money. Especially not when he's getting such a large pay-off.

"Yes. Wait, did you say toys?"

Crowley grins.

"Oh yes. Let me show you."


Dean checks to see if Silver has posted another video.

Okay, so the guy goes by the name Stefan, but Dean hates it. It doesn't suit the angel's brand of artless passion. He's too genuine and even naive for such an obviously fake name. Dean can't really say what gives him that impression about the angel. Just that sometimes Dean catches a glimpse of faint surprise on the angel's face. As if he can't believe he's doing this and what's more, that he enjoys it.

So Dean rejects the name Stefan and calls the angel Silver in his head. It's been a few weeks since he turned up on hardcorewings. He's the only angel Dean bothers to follow. Last week, he tried watching one of Greta's latest videos, but it bored him in comparison to Silver's innocent passion. Dean's been ruined for other angels, but he doesn't mind.

Unfortunately, there's nothing new.

Right then, his favorite video it is. Dean opens the video where Silver kneels on that red couch and uses a dildo on himself. The position emphasizes both his incredible ass and gorgeous wings. And the little heated looks he tosses over his shoulder at the camera gets Dean further faster than just about anything he’s ever seen. This video is his favorite because it's so easy to pretend he's pressed up behind Silver, his arms encircling Silver's waist, his hands clutching the top of the couch and those huge soft wings brushing continuously over Dean's arms and sides.

It literally only takes a moment for Dean to get completely hard and then the next several moments pass in a very pleasant manner.


Sam doesn't care what Dean says. Comic books are awesome.

Besides, what does he know about entertainment? The guy spends way too much time online nowadays watching kinky videos of big-winged angels. Pervert. There's no way Sam's going to let Dean make him feel like a dork for eagerly showing up at the comic book store for the week's new releases. At least Sam watches normal human porn.

He's got his nose stuck in a bin of old Batman comics when he hears a familiar voice that he can't quite place. Some guy arguing with the store owner about the latest X-Men storyline. It's when the guy says something along the lines of, "I could write way better stuff" that it hits Sam.


Chuck spins towards him and grins.

"Sam, hey. Wow, I haven't seen you in forever."

"I know!" Sam abandons the Batman comics to walk to Chuck's side. "How ya been?"

"Same as always. Unfortunately."

Sam snorts. Chuck had always been a bit of a downer. A nice guy, but a bit too fond of drinking and complaining. They'd known each other as undergraduates. Sam had gone onto law school, but he gets the feeling Chuck hadn't made much progress himself.

"So what are you up to? Still dating Becky?"

"Ah, no. No, she dumped me when I got my new job."

"Wow, that's harsh. What job is it?" Sam asks with a frown.

"A porn website," Chuck says with no apparent hint of shame. Sam isn't able to keep his surprise off his face. Chuck's not exactly the type to appear in porn videos. Not unless you had a fetish for short hairy men.

Which Sam supposes someone probably does.

"Um...what do you do there?"

"Oh it's this angel porn site," Chuck answers absently as he plucks through the new releases bin beside them. "Mostly I just make the wings look pretty and edit the videos. I don't know why Becky got so upset about it. I don't even like angel porn."

"You don't mean hardcorewings, do you?" Sam can't help asking.

If Chuck actually works at Dean's favorite website, Sam will never recover from the sheer epic awesome of that. Dean will literally die of envy.

"Oh god, please don't tell me you're a fan," Chuck says, wincing.

"Hell no, it's my brother. He's in love with one of your stars," Sam says. Normally, he wouldn't be sharing this kind of information with someone Dean doesn't know, but the name-calling had escalated beyond Sam's tolerance that morning. Dean deserves it, the asshole.

"Ew, really? Which one?"

Sam shrugs. "I don't know his name. Dean calls him Silver."

"Silver," Chuck says thoughtfully and then realization lights in his eyes. "It's probably Castiel. He's got silver wings."

"Sure, yeah. Him. Dean thinks he's God's gift to sex."

"Oh please, he's frigid. I mean, for a guy that takes off his clothes." A frown creeps over Chuck's features and he peeks at Sam out of the corner of one eye. "Uh, don't tell anyone I said that. I'm not really supposed to talk about the talent in public."

Good old Chuck. "Okay, yeah. So uh, what else have you been doing?" Sam asks, only half-listening as Chuck rambles on about a new girl he's interested in. He promises himself he won't tell anyone else that Silver is a prude.

But Dean has to know.


Gabriel calls it his research. Which Castiel really appreciates. Research sounds so much less disturbing than stalking for the purpose of masturbation fuel.

Not that it's the only reason to be hiding in a row of books about North American wildlife. He'd want to see Dean regardless, but now he actually needs the fantasies that so easily form in Castiel's brain when he peeks over the top of the books at his favorite librarian. Getting himself off two or three times a shift is no easy task. In fact, Castiel has been forced to diversify his fantasies for fear of becoming immune to Dean's charms.

Although right now, with his eyes firmly fixed on Dean's groin, it's hard to imagine that would happen. Those blue jeans he's wearing are really tight.

Castiel sighs. As much as he enjoys objectifying Dean, all this careful study has made Castiel's crush even worse. Dean's not just incredibly handsome; the little snippets of his life that Castiel manages to glean intrigue him beyond measure. Like the day when Dean's younger brother comes to drop off a snack and Castiel discovers that Dean's older than he realized. It makes Castiel wonder why a man in his late twenties is only just now completing an undergraduate degree. The way Dean teases his brother, calling him a girl for bringing Dean food and making fun of his long hair, reminds Castiel of his relationship with Gabriel. Which makes Castiel wonder if something happened to them to make them so close, like it did to him and Gabriel.

He wants to know everything. What kind of music Dean likes, what food he eats, what he's studying, whether he's dating someone.

Whether he likes dating males.

But Castiel is just too scared to talk to Dean. He's afraid Dean won't be able to see past his big clumsy wings or less than exciting personality. Castiel doesn't lack self esteem. He knows his strengths and weaknesses well and he's never been outgoing. Judging from the amount of people Dean knows by first name, he's quite popular and Castiel's not surprised. Dean's so full of life and energy, the people around him must feel so drawn to him. Castiel certainly does and he's never spoken one word to the man.

All he has are silly fantasies that help pay the bills.

A bleak kind of loneliness washes over Castiel and he slumps against the bookshelf.

He doesn't always want to be running after an illusion. It's truly unfortunate that Castiel's fetish for humans rivals any of his viewer's obsessions with angels. There's just something so appealing about their broad strong wingless bodies. Castiel doesn't like tangling wings with another angel. He much prefers the idea of drawing a human into a circle of feathers and hiding them both away from the world. He hates comparing wings. Most other angels end up annoyed or jealous by the comparison.

But he needs to be realistic. If he can't ever talk to Dean, he's only going to go mad pining after a dream. He either needs to pay more attention to his fellow angels, find a human who doesn't intimidate him or give up on the idea of partners all together.

"What're you up to tonight?"

The woman's voice startles Castiel out of his dismal thoughts. It's very close and quite familiar. Dean's co-worker Sarah. The answering voice is Dean's.

"I got me a hot date tonight," he says cheerfully.

Castiel slips out the other side of the aisle, a mess of jealousy and self-directed anger boiling in his chest.

He has to give up this fantasy.

Next part
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Kevin Jonesmulder200 on January 24th, 2011 07:22 pm (UTC)
"You don't actually have to screw someone, Castiel," Gabriel assures him, patting one silver wing comfortingly. "I want to pimp you out, but not that far."

"I can't say how much I appreciate that," Castiel grumbles.


Gabriel calls it his research. Which Castiel really appreciates. Research sounds so much less disturbing than stalking for the purpose of masturbation fuel.


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